February 8, 2023
poker games

Poker is a game of cards which can be played by multiple players at once. This game is very famously played in every casino, and at times this game is also played in small gatherings, whether it is with friends or family. People love playing this game and it is indeed very interesting game to play. The main and biggest reason that people play this game is to gamble their money on it. Many people play bets on poker and the winner takes all they got. It is one of the most famous card games when it comes to gambling.

Now, the question arises, how do we play poker? So, in a standard game of poker, every player bets according to their rank of cards that they believe is worth and strong compared to the other players in the game. Now, the player’s starts rotating clockwise and each player in their turn must either call the maximum of previous bet or fold, they lose the bet of so far previous calls so far and all further depends on the hand. In poker you are looking forward to hold the best possible five card hand. To win the game of poker, you either have to bluff your opponents or hold the best and strongest hand till the end of the game, which is also called as a showdown.

poker games

Some of the famous Poker games are as follows:

  1. Texas Hold’em- It is the classic game of poker in which each player starts with two ‘hole’ cards faced down. Then, one after another you get a community card until you hold a total of seven cards. Then you placed bets on basis of your cards, if you hold the strongest of five cards among every player then you win the bets.
  2. Omaha- This game is very similar to Texas Hold’em but with a twist. In this you get four hole cards and three community cards and then you have to play till the end to win the bets.
  3. Five card draw- This game has the same goal of holding the best five cards among all the players. But, you start with five cards and start betting then you can exchange up to three cards and move to next round of betting. Once this is done, the player with the best hand wins.

This was a little go through with the interesting game of poker; one must not be left behind in trying this game. You can play this anywhere with your family and friends or even you can play this online with online poker players.